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Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Accident

Hello dear readers, and happy Saturday! Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, which my family and I will be sure to watch, even though none of us care much for the sport of football.

I'm sorry for not writing much these past few days. The baby has been keeping me busy, and yesterday we were involved in a fender bender.

We were driving home from running errands when a woman in an SUV slammed into us from behind. It was sudden and I was completely unprepared for the impact. Thank God and the laws of physics that we had been in motion and slowing down to stop at the light when the collision happened. The damage and resulting injuries would have been alot worse if we had been totally stopped. As we lurched forward, hubby's reflexes were fortunately still quick and he was able to hit the brakes to stop us from colliding with the car in front of us, averting a domino effect accident. My husband figured the woman who hit us had been speeding, based on how hard she hit us.

It was kinda like this, only with an SUV in place of the blue car and both cars were still whole. Pic found here

In addition to knocking the seat back a few inches, the whiplash caused by the impact sent my head snapping back into the headrest and my glasses flying off of my face. I felt dazed, but I was aware that we had been rear-ended. While my hubby called the cops to file a report, he saw the other car trying to drive off and he sent me out to stop her. I remember fumbling for the seat belt, but I don't remember pulling it off as I threw open the passenger side door and stumbled out of the car. I had to walk towards the SUV behind us holding onto the car because my balance had been thrown off and my legs were shaking. The other driver came out and apologized, claiming she hadn't see us and that she wanted to move off the road and into a dirt lot next to us to get out of traffic. Despite my dazed and blinded condition thanks to my glasses being somewhere in the car, I talked her into staying put. I vaguely recalled learning in Drivers Ed in high school that when you're in an accident, you have to stay where you are, even if its in traffic, until the cops come and deal with the situation. I wanted to believe her when she said she was just gonna pull off to the lot, but I didn't want to take a chance on letting her run off on us; especially since my husband caught her moving away from our car already. So we stayed put until the cops and an ambulance came to check us out.

Despite the adrenaline and daze, there were no injuries. My left arm was slightly numb from my elbow hitting the back of the seat and my neck was starting to hurt. The baby was in the backseat and was crying, but her carseat saved her from being hurled through the back window and she did not appear to be injured. The loud bang caused by the impact seemed to have scared her more than anything else. The EMTs checked us all out and pronounced us good to go. The police made their report, gave us a copy, and on Monday we will be dealing with the insurance companies. The car is driveable, but it's totaled. The frame is significantly bent and the doors can't open or close without significant force being levied on them. There is also a broken rear axle near the passenger side tire and the trunk is pretty much sitting on the ground, low-rider style. The force of the collision made the rear fold down like an accordion.
Depending on how I feel, I may be wearing one of these soon. Pic found here

As for today, the day after the accident, my neck hurts and I have some back pain. The back pain is not nearly as bad as the neck pain, and even then the neck pain isn't severe. I can turn my head, uncomfortable as it may be, but the real pain is when I look up or down. I spent most of the day resting and binge watching "Ghost Adventures" on my computer. My side of the car seemed to have gotten most of the impact because neither my husband nor the baby are hurting like I am. If I am still in pain by Monday, I will see a chiropractor.

I did manage to recover my glasses. They survived intact as they had landed on the hood of the stroller in the backseat. I am grateful for that bit of luck because my vision is poor and I can't afford to get new glasses if my up-to-date-script glasses are broken.

I will continue with the 21 day blog challenge tomorrow. I'm too sore to think of a subject to go with the prompt right now. I will finish this damn thing once and for all, even though it has been longer than 21 days since I started the challenge.

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