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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Car

Greetings, dear readers!

I have an update regarding our car situation. As you might recall, we were rear-ended by a careless driver a few weeks ago. The impact bent the frame and cracked the rear axle, but in a testament to true old-school engineering and the laws of physics (we were slowing down for the light and were still in motion at the time of collision), the car was still driveable after the impact.

An unintentional lowrider

Well, last week, the other driver's insurance company sent out an assessor to have a look at our car and the assessor declared the car totaled. We would get several hundred dollars for the car and we could keep it. Since we can't afford a new car, we agreed to the deal. After all, in spite of the inconvenience, I can get used to prying open the back door with a crowbar when I need to get the stroller out.

Case in point: how to open a car door when the frame is bent.

Well, in what may have been a sign from God, a home in the neighborhood has a restored 1960s Mercury Comet that the owner is willing to sell to us for $1500. My husband, upon hearing the offer, nearly shit himself with joy because he's been wanting to get rid of our 1988 Oldsmobile and get an old car from before 1972 when cars started getting too "modern" for his taste. My husband made it known to me for a long time that it was his dream to own an older vehicle because they were not full of computer parts and were far easier to maintain than modern vehicles.

As for how and why we were driving a car from the hated 1980s, it was because we bought it off of a neighbor who was selling it for cheap (she wanted $1K for it) and we needed a car because of my work schedule. In other words, we got it because we needed it and it was there. My husband only grudgingly accepted the Oldsmobile because it was built using a highly successful and well-documented X-frame and a tight 2.5L motor. The car never gave us any trouble (the only time it didn't start was because my hubby left the dome light inside running one night and it drained the battery), required minimal maintenance, and in spite of a leaky gas tank and front-end wear, got us from point A to point B without a problem.

The car we're looking to buy looks something like this. This pic is of a 1964 Mercury Comet. Pic found here
I was not with my husband when the offer was made, but he'll be taking me to see the car tomorrow. The money we get for our totaled Oldsmobile can go towards the purchase of this other car. As for the difference, well, we'll see. I hope my family would be able to help out with the purchase of the car because it would be a much safer vehicle for our family. In addition to a rebuilt motor and steel body, the Comet has a manual transmission, something I've been wanting to learn how to drive for a while.

This is a developing story, but I'll keep you updated as things progress. I do hope this deal works out. It would be nice to have a car that's not bent, leaky, and has manual transmission.

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