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Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Fish Fry

Greetings and a happy Friday, dear readers!

As is customary during our Fridays of Lent, my hubby and I went to our other church. Every Friday of Lent, there are Stations of the Cross devotions and a fish fry hosted by the church's chapter of the Knights of Columbus. I had known about the KoC's fish fry at the other church since I was in college, happening to notice its description printed on a bulletin board in the student union. In fact, I went to the fish fry but did not stick around after eating. I was not yet a Catholic, and despite the fact that nobody approached me or said anything about my lack of Catholicism, I felt very out of place.

Fast forward a few years. Hubby and I have already been married, but we don't (and still don't) have much money. We start coming to the Stations of the Cross devotion hosted by our other church because it's at a convenient hour. Since I was working at the time, my shift let out at 4PM and with the traffic, we would be there by 5 or so to get settled in for the Stations of the Cross. When we had the cash on us, we would occasionally go to the KoC fish fry. Sometimes it would be before the Stations if we were early, sometimes it would be after the devotions were finished. We did what we could to support our parish and its endeavors. Even to this day, we still try and support our parish any way we can

When we go to the Friday fish fry, we have our certain preferred menu items. My husband usually gets a few pieces of fish while I get the Lenten special. I'm not much of a fish eater, but the alternatives are usually pretty good. Today's special was cheese enchiladas, Sonora style.

Cheese enchiladas with beans and rice, estilo sonorense (Sonoran style)

What makes Sonora style enchiladas unique is that the masa (dough made from corn flour) is shaped into thick flat discs and then fried before being covered in red chili sauce and toppings. This is different from the casserole type dish we typically think of enchiladas as being (for most Americans, enchiladas are like a Mexican casserole made from rolled corn tortillas stuffed with meat, then doused with chili sauce (which is what "enchilada" actually refers to in Mexican Spanish) before being stuck in the oven to bake and further drowned in cheese). It's a small example of the diversity of Mexico's cuisine and how blessed my family is to be living only a few hours away from the border.

After dinner, we finally went to Stations of the Cross. One of the Eucharistic Ministers actually led the devotion instead of the priests as they had been called out for business and wouldn't be making it back in time for Stations of the Cross. It would have been more reverent if the baby hadn't decided to start making a racket in church. But, that's parenthood. The more time my child spends in church, the sooner she'll learn how to behave there.

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