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Friday, March 18, 2016

My Henna Tattoo

Happy Friday, dear readers

I finally got around to doing my henna tattoo!

My tattoo. A four leaf clover with triskele and deer

The hardest part of the whole design was actually the deer. The deer are a reference to a legend surrounding St. Patrick when he and his followers averted being massacred by some Druids who were lying in wait to kill them for spreading Christianity by saying a special prayer known today as the Lorica or Breastplate of St. Patrick. The prayer caused the Holy Spirit to trick the Druids minds into seeing St. Patrick and his followers as a herd of deer instead of human targets.

In a number of ways, this tattoo was total terra nova for me. I've never done Celtic knots, animals, or any sort of shading. Right now it's messy looking, but my skills will improve with practice. I especially want to practice the Celtic knots. They can be quite a nice touch for a design, but they are hard as hell to draw.

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