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Friday, March 4, 2016

Picture of the Day


Today was Robert's birthday. Robert, as you may recall, was my husband's late best friend, most loyal student, and most trusted dope dealer. Though I never met the illustrious Robert Contreras, I have him to thank in part for my marriage. If it hadn't been for his funeral, my hubby might never have been inspired to pray to the Virgin Mary for a wife. It is for that reason that we periodically visit Robert's grave and usually leave him a candle and a Black and Mild cigar. It's good to have a grave to take care of, since it serves as a reminder of our own mortality and lets the deceased know they're not forgotten in this world.

We'll come visit you soon

While my hubby and I wanted to go and visit the grave, we wound up not going because hubby was too tired. His job had him working late into the night sweeping out the trash in the stands of the basketball arena. It was also pretty hot today, and he didn't want to subject the baby to the heat by being out for an extended period of time. Also, the liquor stores here in the neighborhood were out of Taddy Porters, Robert's favorite beer. The last time we were at Robert's grave, my husband promised to bring him a Taddy Porter for his birthday. We will be going to the cemetery on Sunday after church, since we'll be in the general vicinity.

Since today was Friday, alas it was a no-meat day in our household. During Lent, all Catholics who are able to must abstain from eating meat on Fridays. Exceptions are granted for pregnant and nursing mothers, the elderly, the infirm and of unsound mind, but such groups can still participate in fast if they so choose. Since I'm still nursing the baby, I technically can eat meat, but hubby can't. Still, we try and minimize the cooking so I wind up eating fish too. My hubby usually fries up some catfish, but I'm tired of catfish. So while giving our neighbor a ride to the grocery store, my hubby bought some large shrimp and the box mix from Zatarain's to make jambalaya. After boiling the shrimp, I peeled them while hubby chopped up the vegetables and then combined all the ingredients in the pot to cook. The delicious result is today's picture of the day.

"Jambalaya, crayfish pie and file' gumbo..."

Who says vegetarian food has to be inedible?

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