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Monday, March 21, 2016


Happy Monday, dear readers!

Today I began the formal rearranging of the bedroom to make room for the new crib. Unfortunately, my husband didn't get a chance to get the paint and wheels for the crib because he had to come home and scream at the insurance company. Like most insurance companies, they're playing games with our payout and delaying its send out for various BS reasons or another (note to everyone reading this: Omni Insurance is the car insurance company from hell and should be sued out the ass for fraud). The agent told my hubby that the check should be coming by the end of the week, but we'll see. I have the contact information from the Southern Arizona Legal Aid Society on hand so we can take these motherfuckers to court and make them pay up once and for all.

While my husband dealt with the insurance company on the phone, I began taking apart the cradle. It wasn't hard to do, but I felt a little sentimental doing it because I remembered borrowing my husband's ratchet and putting it together when we moved in. It really put into perspective how much time had flown since the baby was born. One thing I'm truly grateful for is that we even got to use it. It would have been absolutely devastating to have gotten the cradle, put it together, and then have to take it apart again because the baby did not come home from the hospital alive.

Work in progress

All done. The cradle is no more

After I put the remnants of the cradle in the shed, covered in a plastic garbage bag to protect it from the elements and the cats, I proceeded to take down the religious pictures and sacramentals that hung above where the cradle once was. I then cleared everything off the top of the dresser, took out the drawers, and moved it to the spot where the cradle used to be. It was not easy because the dresser is heavy, but I managed to pivot it and walk it over. I suspect the original occupant of this trailer had a dresser in this same area too, since the layout of the room limits the way it can be arranged. At any rate, it was nice to be able to see the window across from our bed again, and also to see that we had an extra outlet which I had forgotten about. When my husband came back into the bedroom and saw me putting the drawers back in, he was surprised and pleased by my work. Together, we found new places to hang our religious items back up.

Physics is your friend

Though she didn't like it at all, thank goodness for the baby jail because it kept the baby out of the way while I was moving furniture around the room. Once I was finished, I let her out of the jail and allowed her to come back into the bedroom to continue playing.

A friend gave us this play mat. There are supposed to be things dangling from the bars, but she couldn't find them when she gave it to us.

Tonight, I'll research what kind of paint to get and how much it will cost. I want something non-toxic since this will be going on a crib and the baby will likely chew on the sides as her teeth grow in.

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