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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Tires

Good evening, dear readers

Today was the day we FINALLY got the tires changed! Thanks to a number of delays and missed opportunities, we didn't get the other tires until last week and one of them was shredded from a blowout. This morning, my husband went to our favorite neighborhood "llantera" (Mexican tire shop) and got the blown out tire redone. The second tire we were given had a leak, so the boys at the shop patched it up and made sure it didn't leak.

Man at work

When he got home, it was time to get rid of those damned spoked rims and replace them with the proper balloon tires that were just fixed up. My husband also rearranged the tires, putting the larger tires on the back and the smaller ones up front in a more traditional arrangement.

How to take off a cholo tire

As part of my continuing education in car repair and maintenance, my husband let me have a go at changing one of the rear tires.

This tire was changed just in time. The spoked rims were beginning to shred these bolts too.

Out! Out, damned tires!

Unfortunately, I had to stop after one tire. The baby was becoming fussy, but it was also very sunny, windy, and incredibly hot. I suspect the heat was messing with her a bit too since she was throwing up and had diarrhea all afternoon, though it was conceivable that she may have ingested something which didn't agree with her (being a VERY active 10 month old baby, she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth). I spent the day intensely hydrating the baby with water, Pedialyte, and breastmilk. She's been keeping food down and had no runny stool all evening, so I think she's in the clear.

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