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Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Crib

Good evening, dear readers. I hope your Saturday went well.

The time has come. We need to upgrade the baby's bed.

Before she was born, some friends from church gave us a baby cradle so that she would have a place to sleep when she arrived. It was made of solid wood and had a pin that could come out so that the cradle could rock. It couldn't fit in our old shitty trailer, but when we moved into this one just before the baby was born, we had much larger living space and the cradle was actually the perfect size for this room.

The cradle. We wound up never using the bumpers because at the hospital, they told us it was a suffocation risk. This was taken shortly after we moved in, hence all the mess

For the first 9 months of her life, the cradle served the baby well. Though she prefers sleeping in the bed with us, something I don't mind letting her do because it makes breastfeeding and tending to her at night easier, the bed is getting mighty crowded now that hubby and I want to start making a sibling for our little girl. Also, the baby is quite large for being 10 months old. She has quite literally outgrown the cradle, and with her mobility improving day by day, I'm terrified of her waking up one early morning like she usually does and pitching herself over the edge of the cradle and onto the floor.

Here she was as a newborn, taking her nap in the cradle

A few months back, the son and daughter-in-law of a couple in my Catechism class were moving from Arizona to Kentucky because his job transferred him there. Before they left, they gave us their daughter's old crib and mattress. She's only a toddler, so the crib wasn't very old. We didn't have room in our bedroom for the new crib, so we kept it in parts in the shed, until now.

Unfortunately, the weather elements have chipped the paint on the crib, so it needs a paint job. I spent the evening pressure washing the different parts of the crib to get as much of the old paint off as I could before I proceed with the painting. I also want to put wheels on the legs so it can be moved easily in the room. Even after rearranging the furniture, the only place we have room for the crib would be directly across from the foot of the bed, right up against my husband's side of the closet. For there to be room for the closet door to open, the crib would have to block the back door, which we can't have because that's a safety hazard. Hence, the need for wheels because when its in use, the crib can be parked in front of my husband's closet door, and then moved when he needs to get into it to get his clothes.

The new crib actually looks like this. It's an Ashleigh-model crib by Graco. Pic found here 

While searching for assembly instructions to download (not that a crib is all that hard to assemble, but instructions have their uses, even for someone like me who hates reading them), I was pleased to discover that the crib is actually a 4-in-1 convertible, so it will change from crib to toddler bed to day bed to a regular bed. I'm pleased to read this because it means that we won't have to buy her a new bed for a while. At least until her and her siblings are old enough to sleep in bunk beds.

First thing on Monday morning, I will take down the cradle and have my husband pick up a small half-gallon of white latex enamel paint while he's out running errands. I will post pictures of this project as it unfolds. There's no time like the present to do it.

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