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Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

Hello again, dear readers!

Owing to my husband's Irish heritage, something which he is proud of, today we celebrated St. Patrick's Day. This day is also special to my husband because this is his saint's day (he took the name Patrick for his Confirmation in honor of his heritage and the San Patricio Battalion in Mexico).

All dressed in green

I'd planned to do my makeup with green eyeshadow, something I don't normally wear because I'm not a big fan of the color green, but I had to forgo that because the baby woke up at the crack of dawn and JUST WOULD NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP! So, I pulled out whatever green clothes I could find in my closet (an olive-green Marines tshirt and camo pants) and called it good enough. Fortunately, the baby had a shirt with shamrocks on it and a white bow to match. Her hair is long enough now to start wearing clips.

Full view of the baby's shirt. It says "Daddy's Little Shamrock"

After going to the clinic, Mass, and running a few errands, we got home and I began tonight's dinner of traditional corned beef and cabbage. Unfortunately, we're too broke to afford the Guinness that would have gone great with this meal right now, so that will have to wait. This is the first time we've ever had corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day because I traditionally went vegetarian during Lent. This year was the exception because I'm exempt from fasting due to being a nursing mother.

Work in progress. It smells delicious.

Unfortunately, the biggest pot we have was too small to fit everything I wanted in it. I got the corned beef roast in, but I could only fit in half the head of cabbage because I also added some red potatoes and kale. It's still cooking now, but it will be good once finished.

After the baby goes to sleep, I may do a henna tattoo for St. Patrick's Day. I'll do one for both myself and my husband because he has an aversion to body art, even temporary body art in places that can't be seen. I have something in mind with a four-leaf clover with trinity Celtic knots in the leaves as well as some deer in honor of a legend associated with St. Patrick, but I'm not sure how this will turn out. This will have to undergo some revisions before I get a final idea.

An idea. This is from a local St. Patrick's Day parade committee. Pic found here

One thing I was glad to see was that this past weekend, the city of Tucson held their annual St. Patrick's Day parade. It may surprise you to learn that this largely Mexican city was founded in 1775 by an Irishman who served in the Spanish military named Hugh O'Conor. Yes, my adopted home city is about as old as the continental United States and while its name is a hispanicized version of a Native Tohono-O'odham word, it has an Irishman to thank for its formal existence despite the area being inhabited by various Native groups over the millenia.

And that was how I spent my St. Patrick's Day holiday.

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