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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Foundation Surprise

Greetings! I hope your day is going well.

While at the grocery store this evening, I was cruising through the makeup aisle with the baby while my hubby waited in the mile-long line to get our money order to pay the rent. As I looked at the limited selection on display, I decided to see which commercial-grade foundations were close to my skin tone. It was then that I made a rather surprising discovery. While I'd always thought my skin was fair, the fair shade foundations were too white against my wrist while medium was closer! Though I failed to find my exact shade, I saw that if this grocery store was my only source of makeup, I would have to mix the darkest medium and fair foundation shades to match my color.

My face when I saw that I'm not the shade I thought I was. Pic found here

After getting the money order, my hubby found me and I relayed my newfound discovery about my darkening skin tone. His response: "that shit happens when you live in the desert". I was surprised because I don't tan-I burn bright red when I'm out in the sun. But, it seems even the sun sensitive ones like me do tan eventually. Of course, common sense says the longer you live out in a hot, sunny and dry environment the more your skin adapts. Both my hubby and my uncle who have lived in Arizona for over 15 years got significantly more tan living out here than they were back home. I suppose I'm now on that track too.

It's a good thing I'm into making my own foundation. Commercial makeup is still an imprecise (and costly!) habit to sustain.

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