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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Anniversary

Happy Saturday everyone!

Today is my anniversary. On this day in 2013, my husband and I said our vows in front of God Almighty and legitimized our union in His eyes.

I wore a sari for my wedding dress. I bought it with the express purpose of wearing it to weddings, baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations and I do not regret it one bit

This was actually our church wedding. We had a civil wedding in 2012 for legal reasons, but agreed not to consummate the marriage until after our church ceremony. This is a bit unusual because in America, religious marriages are legally recognized and it's not necessary to have both civil and religious ceremonies for a wedding as is the norm in other countries. The only reason we did it this way was because my family was causing trouble for me as a result of a feud and we needed to get married fast for legal reasons. The priest at the Latin Mass church I met hubby at and who I wanted to marry us refused to do so for selfish reasons. He outright told my husband (then fiance) how he would not marry us because of the age difference and lack of income my husband brought in to support a family, and that he wouldn't risk losing donations from the moneyed senile delinquents who might disapprove of his decision to marry us. I will forever hold that against him because his refusal to marry us put hubby and I in an occasion for sin that was totally unnecessary, and could have been avoided with a quiet, low-key ceremony that no one of moneyed importance need know.

But, in a way, perhaps it was better that things worked out this way. Now that we were legally bound, hubby and I could sort of breathe and relax a bit. Our status as civilly married got us exiled from the Latin Mass church where all this drama went down, and so I got to know the diocese better from spending time at the different churches, and in due course, we found a priest who would marry us. This good priest was the one who was instrumental in helping my husband come back to the Catholic faith, and he was more than happy to marry us. We had a small wedding, inviting only a few close friends. Hubby's family could not attend for various reasons of health and income, and I refused to invite mine due to that ongoing feud. We didn't want anyone who might cause trouble showing up.

His grandmother's rosary. It's over 100 years old

Thanks be to God, I had probably the most stress-free wedding anyone could ever ask for. Since it was a small one, we held the party at the house in the trailer park we lived in. My hubby was the manager of the park, and got along well with the neighbors so they basically pitched in for our reception. We compiled a short playlist of music, though the house resident had her radio playing as well, and we just had a great time. If I should marry again after my hubby passes away, I'll keep this one in mind. Small and stress-free is the way to be!

We had two wedding cakes. This one was carrot cake 
And the other was German Chocolate. Both cakes said "Tamara *heart* Jerry"

In addition to being our anniversary date, it was also our day to go to Confession. We had another fortuitous encounter with Canon Bill and his assistant at the other church, waiting to get scrubbed by the good Carmelites. Our visit was even more blessed when a lady in the Confession line allowed us to go in front of her since the baby had begun to make noise. Upon completing our penance, we left to go home. My hubby took the encounter as a sign of approval from God, since earlier in the week, a woman gave him money in exchange for a blessed scapular. My husband gave the money to Canon Bill as a donation, since the Catholic Church deems exchanging money for sacred items a sin known as Simony.

And that was how I spent my Saturday

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