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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Turkey


Today, we got a turkey!

And some other goodies too!

Normally, turkey is not something we eat. My husband hates turkey with a passion and I'm not crazy about it either. Come Thanksgiving, when the stores are pushing turkeys left and right, my husband and I normally look forward to preparing gumbo. This has been an annual tradition even before we were married.

But, thanks be to our good friends at the Latin Mass church's St. Vincent de Paul program, we were given a free turkey and all kinds of fixin's. These were donated by a wealthier parish in the diocese, and since we're a family in need, we weren't gonna turn down free goodies no matter who they came from!

After chatting with some of our acquaintances in the program for a bit, we went home. Last year, we used an ice chest filled with water to thaw the turkey outside in the yard. This year, because we have a bigger home, my hubby has the turkey thawing in the bathtub. I'm not sure how much it weighs, but it's heavier than the baby, and she weighs in at 20 lbs! It'll probably be ready by tomorrow night or Thursday morning.

Just chillin' in the tub. All that's missing are some candles, wine, and some kind of digital entertainment

Last year, my hubby decided to smoke our donated turkey. We bought some hickory chips and he rigged up a smoker in the backyard using our mini BBQ grill and a pounded-out swamp cooler vent. We juiced up the turkey with some Tony Chachere injection mix and popped it in the smoker to cook. The smoking went fine up until midnight when a sample tasted quite good, but, at some point during the night, the wind shifted and wound up vulcanizing the turkey. We managed to salvage most of it, but about 1/3 of the bird was pretty much charcoal.

The impromptu smoker


This year, we have an actual oven to bake the turkey with, so hopefully a charcoal turkey doesn't make an appearance this time again. We've got plenty of Tony Chachere too, so that will help make this bird edible. Hubby will still make gumbo from the leftovers, which he did last year and it was quite good. Thank goodness we have a food processor. The baby is definitely gonna have some of this.

Turkey Day, here we come!

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