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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day to all my American readers. Yes, I call it Turkey Day instead of Thanksgiving because I refuse to recognize a holiday that marks the start of a bona-fide genocide. Besides, as a Catholic, I know of two Thanksgiving celebrations that happened here in the US BEFORE the Pilgrims ever set foot on Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. They don't teach you that in school now, do they.

Her first Turkey Day. I was never crazy about sweet potatoes, but she seemed to like them, in addition to making a mess with them

While the rest of the country gorged on turkey, engaged in family feuds, watched football and participated in the high holy day of consumerism known as Black Friday, I stayed home and cleaned house. Since my hubby would be at work till God-knows-when (a temp-emp agency got him this job), I wanted to surprise him with a cleaner home when he got back. I'm not, nor have I ever been, a clean freak. But, I figured it would be a nice surprise for him to arrive to a home that was more orderly than when he left it.

I have a little monkey on my back!

Unfortunately, I could only do so much housework. Though I was carrying the baby in her papoose on my back, I had to take regular breaks cuz my back was hurting. I'd planned to clean the whole trailer from top to bottom, but settled on washing the mountain of dishes and vacuuming. I didn't even get the stuffing done like I'd planned, but on his break, my husband called and told me not to worry about it cuz he'd score some Jimmy Dean sausage. I'd been researching stuffing recipes online and found one that was appealing, but called for ground sausage which we did not have.

We did have some of the turkey we spent hours roasting and slow-cooking all night. I'm proud to say that my marinade did the trick and made it tasty. The hickory and pecan chips helped too.

And that was how I spent my Turkey Day. 

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