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Thursday, November 5, 2015

My New Desk

Hello again, dear readers!

Today my workspace received a major upgrade. I got a desk!

Prior to this addition, I had my laptop and cooling table perched on top of a set of plastic drawers with the speakers behind the drawers. This rather ramshackle arrangement served its purpose fine, except we needed to get a printer cuz there are a surprising number of institutions that absolutely refuse to do anything digital. Rather then set the printer in the living room with the rest of the computers in my husband's work area, I decided it would be better set up in the bedroom since there's less cat hair flying around back here than up front where the kitty door is. Cat hair killed the last two printers we owned, though I suspect the fact that they came from a local furniture store doubling as a refurbished tech shop probably had more to do with that than anything else.

It took some rearranging of the furniture in the bedroom, in addition to vacuuming an ungodly amount of dust, to accommodate the desk, but after about an hour of work, we'd come to a workable arrangement. Besides, this won't be the first room rearrangement to occur since more will inevitably happen as the baby gets older and our family expands. Though the desk's proximity to the bed meant that I didn't have room for a formal chair, there is a mountain of pillows that I sleep on which can also double as seating.

My upgraded workspace with the new all-in-one printer, speakers, cell phone and computer with accouterments. The desk itself is an antique we inherited from the friend of a friend. It would be very expensive to find something similar to it nowadays.

I'm very pleased with my new work area. I have a proper workspace for which to write, cruise on Facebook, comment on other blogs, etc. Having gone without this bit of furniture for so long, it feels like a luxury to have a desk in the bedroom again. This also means that my hubby can finally build me a desktop computer since I now have a place to put it!

At some point in the future, I would like to either repaint the desk white or varnish it in a totally new color. Though it wasn't especially pristine, moving this desk from the owner's home to ours scratched up the paint. You can kind of see in the image above a worn spot near the mouse where the paint has worn off through to the wood.

For now, I'm riding high on Cloud 9. I love my new desk!

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