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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Taste of Spring Danish Ring

It's the weekend! Hooray!

Yesterday when we got my new printer, hubby helped me install the CUPS drivers and make sure the permissions were all set up correctly so that I can print and scan whatever I need. When XSane, the scanning program I use, refused to load, I was perplexed since everything else looked fine. But, after 57 days running (and I have the screenshot to prove it!), it was time for my computer to reboot. The program still crashed when I attempted to scan some recipes torn out of a magazine as a test toast, but my hubby helped me fix that problem by updating the kernel and all the scan drivers (we're a strictly Linux household. Hence, all the manual controls and updates for the system). While I'm not terribly tech savvy, Linux is good about making you more familiar with the workings of a computer than anything else you might encounter.

Tonight, after the days activities were done and the baby was put to sleep, I finally got those recipes scanned in! I will also be sharing one of those recipes with you, folds and weird color tones and all, because I do want to try making this particular item at some point.

This yummy looking danish recipe came from a magazine called First For Women. This magazine appeals generally to people who are older and more middle class than I am, but the only reason it even wound up on my property is because my mom and grandma swear by this publication and left me a few copies. I briefly read them, tore out the interesting recipes, and gave the remaining pages to the baby to shred.

I used to hate danishes when I was younger, probably cuz I saw my grandmas friends all eating them with afternoon coffee. But as I got older, I grew to accept and enjoy danishes as a quick and easy breakfast food.

When I get around to making this danish, I will post the endeavor to see how well it stacked up to the recipe pictures. I have a good feeling about this.

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