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Monday, November 16, 2015

The Doctor Visit

 Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a safe and happy weekend.

Today was another regularly-scheduled visit to the doctor. It was time for the baby's 6-month checkup and to receive her next set of vaccines. It was also a timely visit, since the baby seemed to have come down with a cold. For the past week or so, she had been wheezing, in addition to coughing and sneezing more than usual. She did not have a fever or appear to have any other difficulty breathing or eating, though.

I'm on to you, mommy. I know this game and I don't like it!

In a twist on our usual visit regimen, the pediatrician did not see us right away. Instead, his resident came to check the baby out. When I inquired about her wheezing, the resident checked her lungs and said he couldn't hear any congestion. He guessed it was likely some post nasal drip or a possible allergy, but couldn't be sure. He looked over the rest of the baby, her vitals, and pronounced her good to go. The pediatrician came in shortly afterward to see her, and was delighted by her progress. He too confirmed no congestion in her lungs, suggesting it was likely a combination of the cold weather change and vocalization. He was especially proud to see how well she could sit up on her own and how good her core balance was for her age. Now that she's six months old, he advised that we begin giving her some water since she is now old enough to handle it. I remembered hearing that at the hospital when I gave birth, something my mother couldn't believe as she had been instructed to supplement breastmilk with water when I was born. He then ordered up her vaccines and we left shortly thereafter. The baby, of course, did not appreciate being poked. However, this time, she wasn't as sore in her injection sites as she was last time.

Since the weather is getting colder, I suggested to my husband that after the doctor's appointment, we go to check out Goodwill and see if they had a baby coat in stock. There was a Goodwill not far from us and we wouldn't be fighting traffic, so my hubby agreed. When we got there, unfortunately, the Goodwill was set up in a way that made finding baby clothes impossible. It was laid out with bins filled with clothing and other stuff in absolutely no order whatsoever, so there were sheets and blankets mixed in with clothes and shoes. We got lucky and found the baby some blue jeans and a few other big-size clothes, but we could not find a coat despite digging through several bins of mishmashed items. I likened it to a hoarder's paradise. While we have plenty of sweatshirts and blankets for her, even in Arizona, it's a good idea to have at least one coat cuz it does get cold out here. Fortunately, secondhand stores are dime a dozen here, so if no luck at one location, there are others to check out too.

And that was how I spent my Monday

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